UID Aadhaar Card – What? Why? Where? When? Who? How?

aadhaarAadhaar Card So Far

For the past couple of years the tamil nadu government has stopped issuing aadhaar card. The adhaar card has been temporarily not issued for over 2 years in chennai due to loop holes within it.

Return of Aadhar Card

But now there has been news since 2 months over issue of adhar card across the cities, towns, and villages in tamil nadu. The neighbouring states like andhra pradesh, karnataka, kerala has been in routine providing aadhar cards since introduction.

What is Adhaar Card?

The uidai card is one such paper document issued to the citizens of india who are over 5 years of age either male, female, or even transgender but only to a sound mind incase of adults.

What is Unique Identification Number?

The uid number is now must because to identify the person floating in india among indian population. This aadhaar card will fetch entire information of his  / her residence, specimen photograph of face, to the public and few info like thumb impression, retina graph, finger print will be in private.

Today Aadhaar Card

Now the aadhaar is getting issued quickly because the oil companies offering lpg gas to their consumers at the marker price like to share the subsidy amount directly to the customers where a bank account linked with aadhaar card is required. There is a due date fixed for this process is ahead in another 2 months. And to the speed up the process too, the aadhaar card process is once again geared at high deliveries.

Aadhaar Card Registration Methods

Here is how the process of aadhaar card goes in chennai. There are many methods where the aadhaar card issuing process is undertaken like

Aadhar Cards in Post Offices

the post offices takes responsible in time when instruction received from the government of india to issue aadhaar card through its regional post-office, general postoffice gpo, branch and local post offices.

Aadhaar Card Via Banks

And at times the private and public sector banks too issuing aadhaar card to their account holders so as to ease the process supporting government and oil companies.

Aadhaar Cards by Employers

The corporate companies in large extending employees over 100 are in response collecting information from the workers as well as their family members to make application for the aadhaar card at the earliest.

Aadhar Card Camps

apart from these there are ongoing camps from time to time whenever the need necessitates to have the free time idle govt employees to go collect information via npr national population register and arranging camps for local residents surrounding.

Aadhaar Cards in Municipal Corporations

There are even zonal corporations organized by the respective ward counsilors to call their public to take part in the aadhaar card registration.

Aadhar Card Process

In all the above methods of aadhaar card registration the process is here and there same and one such method is described hereunder:

What Aadhar Card Collects?

THe national population register form is important and it is the vital document to enroll into aadhaar card. The npr demands the responser to provide details like his / her family members of any soul that is live even the just born or on the way to death. The names, age, date of birth, residence, address of communication, email id, mobile number, relationship, work natural, income, wages, salaries, private or public or limited or government employee or worker, daily wages. Apart from that the available references of the family members like electoral voter id card number, driving license no., pan permanent account number card no, passport number, mnrega registration number, family or ration card number is collected. And few particulars like residing since, race religion caste, marital status, birth place, father or mother name even they are late are gathered there. These information are authenticated by the family head through his / her signature.

What is the role of Census & NPR in Aadhar Card?

These information have been already collected by the census people appointed before 2 years but on the way it was dropped. And this slip has brought to the aadhaar center as an evidence to make the process simple. Where in case of missing or losing of this prevailing npr slip or incase of the new person who had not given the npr information can fill this in new npr form and take it to the aadhaar venue. The aadhaar center has got the npr forms inrespect to the state, districts so make sure you get the right serial numbered npr application form.

Attachments with Aadhaar Card Application

Well on going with the filled in npr form do not forget to take the original certificates or documents demanding address proof, identification proof id, marital status proof like marriage certificate, birth certificate in case of children just to show for verification, checking and return.

Aadhar Card Token Number

Upon reaching if you find crowd rush in nearing the authorized officials one should enquire around the public so as to know that a token number is issued incase of heavy crowd to form queue in the method of first come first serve basis.

Aadhar Card Day

The token number will make you eligible to fix you aadhaar card process day for the date mentioned. And on receipt of aadhaar token card you can stand in the queue indicated for that but again within the queue of over 300 persons it is upto you to come first and catch your place as there is no filter again there. While in standing in the queue being the last person it should take you atleast 3 hours to come to your turn incase of 5 executives serving 60 people each.

Aadhaar Card Precautions

So in the meantime be prepared to have your food in time and not to be in empty stomach or dried face so as to avoid the weak photograph. While in case of kids / children it is important to note that you have drink water often in this hot summer as they cannot sustain standing / sitting for long time. Make sure the evidence you bring along are correct one so as to prevent the process again and again.

Your Turn of Aadhaar Card

UPon reaching your turn have your family members aside suffixing your turn and be one person responsible for interacting with the officials for all your family particulars.

Aadhar Card Correction in Process

The first will be your token checking and from there you are acknowledged to enter in the aadhaar card process. The process starts like with the npr in hand the officer cross checks the information in its computer pertaining to the census number indicated on the census slip. And on checking you are permitted to make correction (like only small spelling errors and not big mistakes) of names, places, age but all should be evident with the proof you show them.

How to Face Aadhaar Card Photo Specimen (Male, Female, Transgender, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus)

Then on your confirmation of correction you will be facing the camera for passport size photo. Here ensure you enter into the room after refreshin your face with water and wiped out if required. Also ensure you wear medium preferably blue colored clothes on top.  While incase of muslims they can wear hats or caps or gullas or topis while the women can be in purdah but should show his face with half forehead appearance. While incase of sikhs the mens can be in turban or pagdi showing the face to the camera. While in case of children the parents are required to teach them at home how to face camera. While incase of elder who cannot sit properly can be accompanied by their family members. While in case of traditional hindu windows who want to close their head with clothes are also allowed to do except not hiding the face for camera. A simple small smile is welcomed while shooting photograph. Incase of transgender the person can come in female dresses rather than male wears.

How to Give Best Results of Aadhaar Card IRIS?

Then after clicking aadhaar photograph specimen the person has to go in for eye retina iris scanning so any person should have his / her eye washed properly with no dirts in them. The eyes has to be opened to the maximum possible with no shakes while on operation. Then the last process is of finger printing. So the members are asked to have all their fingers clean with no dirts, inks stamps, or wearing rings. All the ten fingers of left and right hand is scanned. These officers are not so professional so you cant expect more details technically.

Aadhaar Card Acknowledgement Slip

And after all the physical appearance checkings over you will be given printed acknowledgement of aadhaar card process participance.

After Care of Aadhar Card Until Receipt

This acknowledgement will help you get your aadhaar card in time through speed post deliveries to the mentioned address atleast before 2 months. So please ensure that you tenant or rental occupant don’t vacate your address or incase if you relocate inform your concerned post office about the same in order to get your aadhaar dispatched to the right address.

Aadhaar Card Websites

Meanwhile you can check the status of aadhaar card and updates if any online over the internet at the following websites

  • uidai.gov.in/
  • portal.uidai.gov.in/ResidentPortal/statusLink‎
  • eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in

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