Today Weekend Monthly Rasi Palan of Year 2014

rasi palanThis month of February 2014 predicts the Monthly Rasi Palan for each moon sign are hereunder.

  • Sun is on move towards Makara & Kumba only in this month. Where the whole month Mars will fix his position in Thula Rasi and retrogrades by monthend.
  • Jupiter turns backward in Midhuna Rasi even in this feb month too. Where Thula Rasi retains Saturn & Rahu continuously.
  • By the 1st week of 2nd month of 2014 Venus heads direct and Mercury is functioning retrograde which are the big occurrence.
  • As after long period of time, Mars & Saturn joining Rahu to make capable disaster in several sections of life in whole.
  • ALl the rasikarars of Mesha, Thula & Meena will have impact over this.
  • Whereas the rashiwala like Rishabha, Simha & Dhanushu Rasi deserves the most joy.
  • For further telecast of today’s rasi palan on 13th february please Watch Sun tv channel hosting Raasi Palan for 13/02/14 which is Latest updated Episode available even Online over the internet.
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