Thulam Rasi Palan 2014 | Libra Astrology Zodiac Sign Predictions

Thulam Rasi Palan 2014 | Libra Astrology Zodiac Sign Predictions:


About Thulam Rasi(Libra):

The Thulam Rasi is called as Libra which is one of the 12 astrological signs in the Zodiac.

The Nakshatra for the Thulam Rasi will be second half of Chitra (Chittirai), Swati (Swathi), first three quarters of Visakha (Visakham).

The person who born in the range of September 23 to October 22 comes under the Thulam Rasi(Libra).

Thulam Rasi 2014 Health Predictions:

For the Thulam rasi persons in this New Year 2014 the health condition would be good in the month of March to June 2014 and stress would happen from the month of July 2014.

The Thulam rasi persons are asked to take care of their health with good diet, exercise, Meditation and prayers.

Thulam Rasi 2014 Family, Love and relationship Predictions:

For the Thula Rasi persons there will be excellent family situation and happiness in Love and relationship till the month of June 2014.

This year 2014 the Thulam Rasi neyarkal would get married soon and they might be blessed with a baby.

Thulam Rasi 2014 Work Environment/ Career and Business Predictions:

The predictions for the Work Environment/ Career and Business for the Thulam Rasi neyarkal is a mixed experiences which will be slightly disappointed this year 2014.

Thulam Rasi 2014 Financial Issues and Investments Predictions:

For the Thulam Rasi the natives may remain uncomfortable with their financial issues and the persons are asked to convert the money into fixed assets before the month of June 2014.

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