Tamil Auspicious Subha Muhurtham 2018 Dates Month Wise With Good Time

Tamil Auspicious Subha Muhurtham 2018 Dates Month Wise With Good Time:

Here we had mentioned the Hindu Wedding subha muhurthm dates for the New Year 2018 that had been listed month wise with dates, good time and Nakshatram.

Marriage Subha Muhurtham 2018 Dates:

January 2018 subha muhurtham dates
Date Day Time Nakshatram
19th January 2018 Friday
22nd January 2018 Monday
28th January 2018 Sunday
February 2018 subha muhurtham dates 
24th February 2018 Saturday 06:31 to 30:30 Rohini, Mrigashirsha
March 2018 subha muhurtham dates 
01st March 2018 Thursday 19:37 to 23:48 Magha
05th March 2018 Monday 20:18 to 30:25+ Swati
06th March 2018 Tuesday 06:25 to 17:46 Swati
08th March 2018 Thursday 14:47 to 24:45+ Anuradha
10th March 2018 Saturday 10:13 to 18:43 Mula
12th March 2018 Monday 11:13 to 20:39 Uttara Ashadha
April 2018 subha muhurtham dates 
18th April 2018 Wednesday 24:28+ to 29:57+ Rohini
19th April 2018 Thursday 05:57 to 12:19 Rohini
20th April 2018 Friday 05:57 to 11:12 Mrigashirsha
24th April 2018 Tuesday 21:46 to 29:54+ Magha
25th April 2018 Wednesday 05:54 to 15:06 Magha
27th April 2018 Friday 14:42 to 29:53+ Hasta
28th April 2018 Saturday 05:53 to 13:53 Hasta
29th April 2018 Sunday 18:29 to 29:52+ Swati
30th April 2018 Monday 05:52 to 10:24 Swati
May 2018 subha muhurtham dates 
01st May 2018 Tuesday 15:57 to 29:51+ Anuradha
04th May 2018 Friday 05:50 to 22:33 Mula
05th May 2018 Saturday 25:34+ to 29:49+ Uttara Ashadha
06th May 2018 Sunday 05:49 to 15:55 Uttara Ashadha
11th May 2018 Friday 13:47 to 29:47+ Uttara Bhadrapada
12th May 2018 Saturday 05:47 to 29:47+ Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati
June 2018 subha muhurtham dates 
18th June 2018 Monday 05:46 to 26:47+ Magha
19th June 2018 Tuesday 25:46+ to 29:47+ Uttara Phalguni
21st June 2018 Thursday 05:47 to 25:27+ Hasta
23rd June 2018 Saturday 05:47 to 15:32 Swati
25th June 2018 Monday 05:48 to 29:48+ Anuradha
27th June 2018 Wednesday 21:15 to 29:49+ Mula
28th June 2018 Thursday 05:49 to 12:22 Mula
July 2018 subha muhurtham dates 
05th July 2018 Thursday 12:41 to 29:51+ Uttara Bhadrapada
10th July 2018 Tuesday 20:26 to 29:52+ Rohini, Mrigashirsha
11th July 2018 Wednesday 05:52 to 15:34 Mrigashirsha
August 2018 subha muhurtham dates 
23rd August 2018 Thursday
29th August 2018 Wednesday
30th August 2018 Thursday
September 2018 subha muhurtham dates 
6th September 2018 Thursday
12th September 2018 Wednesday
October 2018 subha muhurtham dates 
19th October 2018 Friday
28th October 2018 Sunday
31st October 2018 Wednesday
November 2018 subha muhurtham dates 
4th November 2018 Sunday
5th November 2018 Monday
9th November 2018 Friday
11th November 2018 Sunday
14th November 2018 Wednesday
25th November 2018 Sunday
28th November 2018 Wednesday
December 2018 subha muhurtham dates 
2nd December 2018 Sunday
12th December 2018 Wednesday
13th December 2018 Thursday
14th December 2018 Friday


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Mappila Paattu is a traditional Muslim song genre of north Kerala using the Mappila dialect of Malayalam with a liberal mix of Arabic and occasional Persian, Urdu, Tamil and Hindi words. The songs are usually sung on auspicious occasions like marriages .


The song was picked up by the filmmakers a few months back. Jabbar says he is happy with the way the song has been rendered by Vineeth Srinivasan and how the songs has been picturised. He said the controversy around the song was needless.


nalla naal paarthu soldren definitely makes me to say it on a really good auspicious day. when everyone asked for a different type of movie in tamil, they gave you. so dont complain about it. asshole.


Red and yellow are auspicious colours in Tamil soviet and more broadly Hindu culture – ever been to a Tamil wedding ? But why do I suspect you know all this already. Good bye.


if you are someone who has so much of conflictions about life and other form of higher powers, you need to watch this movie!!


The flag on the protests is the Tamil national flag, it is NOT an organisational flag. And yes, it is legal in England, that is why it is ok to carry it in England. Please stop lying.

saivite not soviet (auto correct still does not recognise my religion !)


They just represent an organisation that used suicide bombers and child soldiers and pretty much destroyed the Tamil community in Sri Lanka. Shame you can’t distinguish the two.


They just represent an organisation that used suicide bombers and child soldiers and pretty much destroyed the Tamil community in Sri Lanka. Shame you can’t distinguish the two.


Tamil is still widely spoken and in multiple Asian countries and Sanskrit i hear only on auspicious occasion or from the pujari ..


On the auspicious occasion of Ratha Saptami, dedicated to the Sun, I visited the beautiful Vedapureeswarar temple in Thiruvallur.

The temple was initially built by the Cholas and Madurai Nayaks. It is the serene abode of Sage Agastya – the formidable Tamil saint.