Railway Sells Up To Rs 1, From Food To Water. Can not take any more

Railway sells up to Rs 1, from food to water. Can not take any more:

During travel in train, many times passengers are charged for breakfast, lunch or dinner bottles, but according to the rules of the railway, no one vendor can also charge a rupee more than a passenger. Railway eat to have fixed prices.

The railway ministry has also given information by tweeting about it several times. Today we are telling what the railway has fixed the current prices. If someone charges more than that, then you can make a tax complaint by number of railway at 139.

What is the rate of which item

– economy meal (7 whole, potato vegetable and pickles) 15 rupees at all stations and 20 rupees in train.

– Coffee 7 rupees on all stations and in train also 7 rupees.

– 1 liter bottle of Rail Neer, all stations and Rs 15 in train.

– 500 ml bottle in 10 rupees

– Standard T in all stations and train at 5 rupees.

– T in T7 with T bag.

– Rs 50 in train at Rs 50 in standard mile station. (Rice, Paratha, Dal, Mix Veg, pickle, salad included)

– Rs.50 / – at Standard Non Vege plate station and Rs 55 in train (Rice, Paratha, Dal, Egg Curry, Pickle, Salad)

– At Vegetarian Breakfast Station 25 rupees and in train 30 rupees.

– 30 rupees for non-Vege breakfast station and 35 rupees in train.

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