Punjab State Amritsar Train Accident While Dusshera Festival Celebration

Punjab State Amritsar Train Accident While Dusshera Festival Celebration:

Amritsar Train accident happened around 7 PM in the evening of 19th October 2018, Friday at the Ravan’s combustion program near the adjoining gate adjacent to Amritsar city of Punjab state in India and more than 62 people died

An high speed local train passed by the gate and standing near the track, many people watching Ravana combustion came under the grip of this train.

Local journalist Ravinder Singh Robin told that “the time when these high-speed trains passed through the spot, many people were standing near the track. Some people were sitting on the track and on some mobile phones Ravana was making video of combustion.”

Amritsar Police Commissioner Sudhanshu Shekhar Shrivastav has told the BBC Punjabi Service that “the number of people who have died has increased to 62 and more than 150 people are injured.”

It appears that people are watching Ravana combustion and making his video from mobile. Only then does the fastest train train from the left come suddenly.

Ravinder Singh Robin said that on the stage in this program Navjot Kaur Sidhu, wife of Navjot Sidhu, was present in the Punjab government.

Chashmid Amarnath, who was present at the scene of the accident had reported that Ravana was set on fire, firecrackers were ringing, in the meantime the train came, no one heard the sound of the train coming. I saw that the bodies of 25-30 people have fallen, I picked up these corpses and carried them to another place. My hands were filled with whole blood, I just washed them and many of them were people of my identity. I see their faces. ”

Amit Kumar who was present on the roof of his house at the time of the incident reported that the train came in very speed, the train did not give any horn, that train crushed all the people standing there, the stage was told that people should stand away from the track, these events happen every year.

Hospitals and ambulances have been kept on alert. People are very angry against the administration at the scene. Initially, the administration had to make a lot of efforts to carry the dead bodies because the angry people were not letting them do this.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed deep sorrow on the incident and reported that this is a tragedy, I express deep condolences to those who lost their loved ones and are praying for the wounded. I have instructed the officials to help them immediately.”

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