30 Dec 2014

Gujarat Government General Gazetted Holidays for Gujaratis

...el/Images/pdf/bank-holiday-english.pdf On these holidays gujarat state is on holiday for the schools, colleges, companies, offices and so on. The Reserve Bank of India has scheduled the public holidays for the govt. of india for the calendar year
24 Dec 2014

West Bengal State Office Holidays 2015

...est bengal state government fixes the dates for the holidays 2015. No schools, universities, colleges, offices, companies remain open on this list of westbengal holidays in the year 2015. http://www.iba.org.in/Documents/West_Bengal0001.pdf   Name of Festival Date Day Birth
4 Dec 2014

New Year Parties 2015 in Hotels in India

The joyful new year 2015 greetings are flashed on facebook, twitter, whatsapp, bbm with beautiful 2015 wallpaper. The mumbai oberoi bars goes in full soft rock revolution with big list of option classics and new fresh songs
4 Dec 2014

2015 Rasi Palan Horoscope Tamil Astrology Aandu Palan

...eruption of feelings is destined to happen in the second half of the year, and none, of these Taurus, nor his accomplice will be prepared to compromise. Expenditure needs to be controlled.   Midhunam Rasi Palan 2015
4 Dec 2014

Rasi Palan 2015 Thulam Rasi Puthandu Palangal

...a Horoscope: Mostly the Thulam rasi people will be born from September 23 to October 23 with the sign Chittirai 3rd, 4th Phase, Swathi, Visakam 1st, 2nd, 3rd Phase. Thulam Rasi Predictions 2015: This New Year 2015