In China, Two Deals Were Signed By Jinping; Notice from Beijing before leaving Brahmaputra water

In China, two deals were signed by Jinping; Notice from Beijing before leaving Brahmaputra water

Experts say that India should keep its issues clear on any international platform.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Shanghai on Saturday to participate in the Shanghai Co-Operation Organization Summit (SCO). Here he had a bilateral dialogue with Chinese President Xi Jinping . This is the second meeting of the two leaders in the last two months. There are two important agreements between the two countries regarding the Brahmaputra and the cultivation. Under the agreement, China will inform the Brahmaputra before leaving the water. China has also agreed to purchase rice from India other than Basmati. In this summit, India-Pakistan is joining for the first time. India has made clear that there will be no official meeting with Pakistan.

No country will talk bilaterally at the summit, i.e. India will not be able to talk to Pakistan

The process was started 3 years ago to make members of India and Pakistan

– Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale said that Jinping has accepted Modi invitation. They will come to India in 2019.

According to Gokhale, “Jinping said that the summit was very positive and he called this summit a new beginning in our bilateral relations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi described it as a milestone for the relations between the two countries.”

– They said that the People to People system will be created between the two countries. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will lead the country from India. At the same time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi will oversee this by China. Its first meeting will be this year.

Dakshin Bhaskar talked to foreign affairs expert Rahis Singh about India’s strategy in the SCO Summit. According to Rahas Singh, “SCO is an economic and military platform, which includes important countries of Central Asia, in which mutual trade and security are the main issues, NATO constantly blames the organization that it is a rival organization, Even after joining, the issues will remain the same as those who lived before. ”
Contradiction on Pakistan issue

– “Article 1 of SCO’s Constitution says that no country will talk about bilateral summit in the summit, that is, you can not talk to Pakistan there.”

– “When Prime Minister Modi returned to China from Wuhan in China, it was said that India would fight with Pakistan to fight terrorism. Now the country which considers terrorists to be ally, should be maneuvered with terrorism. How is this possible? ”

– “China is continuously supporting Pakistan, because he knows that Pakistan is troubling India, he is still supporting it. Whenever India brings a ban on Masood Azhar and Hafiz Saeed, China veto him Can it be considered that India will not issue a veto in front of China during the summit, it does not seem like that. ”

Terrorism is now the issue in every summit – “Terrorism has now become an evergreen issue.” It is a matter of terrorism in every summit whether it is talk of G20 or BRICS, but there is no progress, which countries like China and Pakistan have to do. They do that. We have not been able to convict any Pakistani terrorist in the courts, because they do not believe in the evidence. ”
– “There is so much hostility between India and Pakistan that we have not been attending the SAARC meeting for many years, but we will sit with Pakistan in the SCO. If he is such a big enemy, then we should not sit with him in the SCO also.”
India has kept its issues clear

– “Our Defense Challenge is in the Maldives, are in Nepal, are in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPC), where China is funding. So, when we talk about bilateral issues, our issues should be cleared.”

– “The Washington Post wrote recently -” Diplomacy with Propaganda. “But diplomacy with Propaganda should not be diplomacy with subject, which also interests the country, but we repeatedly repeat the topic on every forum. We also do not even review how many steps will be taken on that subject. ”

– “There should be accountability of the Indian government whether there has been some progress on the previous agreements which were done by China or any other country.” Varna issues always remain in a state of uncertainty,

China’s stand on CPAQ and NSG

– “One Belt One Road is a face part of sepac, China wants India to be connected, but India officially referred to it as the imperialist policy of China, this statement was written on behalf of the Ministry of External Affairs. It was only in response to a question asked in parliament, that is, in such a way, India can not be included in this policy of China, if it is, then it would mean that India is in the imperialist policy of China She is giving her along. ”
“China will not support India in the NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group), our media has written a lot that many countries of the world have supported India on this matter. But if any one country also opposes India in this India can not be included in it, the world knows that China will not support India. ”

– “If India has talked on NSG from China then it is necessary to tell what happened between them. Then Modi told Jinping about the NSG in Seoul that you take positive steps towards this, but Jinping has called it a mysterious subject. Had been tired. “

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