How Hindu Muslim Christian Celebrate Happy New Year 2015 in Indian States?

hnyNew Year – In the gregorian christian calendar 1st of january of every year is observed as New Year and India too take participate in celebrating this new year. With the christian population in goa and pondicherry find the most celebration for newyear which is both traditional and commercial. The New Year for christians is an event followed by christmas / x mas which is the birth date of Lord Jesus / messenger of God as per abrahamic prophesis. THe new year last for one week. IN this new year people go to church and offer prayers for the welfare for themself, family, community, country, world and the human race by thanking the Almighty god. men and women wear white dress like gown, coat suits. Ball drop is a custom in foreign nations and pope gives blessings for the children and greetings and gifts shared each other.

LIke there being a new year for christian, with India being a diverse country mix of hindus, muslims, zorastrians, and other sub regional caste community people there are new year within a year for every people. THese are celebrated in the name of Baisakhi, Cheiraoba – Gudi Padwa, Diwali and so on. Let us see here a few

Ugadi-–-Telugu-New-YearUgadi or simply Telugu New Year is upcoming of new-year celebrated by telugu people all over the globe. Ugadhi means commencing of an age which is seen popular in the state of karnataka and andhra pradesh in India. It is a chaitra festival falls between march and april month of calendar year with varying date as for practice of following solar calendar. On this day people treat it has festival of new start and the right season to wear new clothes and eat fresh food.

Gudhi-PadwaGudi Padwa is the festival observed by Marathis or marathas. It is the first day of chaitr month of each year observed as new year for Maharashtrians & Konkanis. Well on this day a small gudi is hanged on the right corridor of house entrance. Gudi is wrapped with bright yellow cloth on the tip of a long bamboo and over which a copper pot is inverted with a sugar garland.

Baisakhi-–-Punjabi-New-YearBaisakhi is the new year of Punjabis in punjab state. They call this as one of the biggest harvest festival celebrated along with the neighbourhood states but particularly in the 5 rivers of Punjab. On 13 th or 14 th april of each year the date for Baisakhi comes. Some sikhs and sikhni celebrate it as the formation of sikh khalsa. The birth place of the khalsa which is where the major gatherings occurs as well as at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Talwandi Sabo and few parts of United States, Canada & United Kingdom.

Puthandu-–-Tamil-New-YearPuthandu Pirappu is a celebration of new year for tamilians. this is the traditional Tamil New Year that begins on mid-April either on 13th or 14th of april or simply the 1st day of Tamil month Chithirai. Tamizh people wish in tamil language each other “Puthandu NalVazthukal” which is translated as Happy New Year and in the temple of meenakshi madurai one can visit the Chitterai Thiruvizha. The feast of TNY is Mangai Pachadi, jaggery & neem flowers.

Bohag-Bihu-–-Assamese-New-YearBohag Bihu is what the Assamese celebrate as their New Year. It is the spring festival in other name Bohag Bihu for them to celebrate only in the april mid and they treat it as starting season of agriculture. Bihu is one among the important festival for the Assamese. It is celebration full of fun, faith & belief. Two more bihu festival are Maagh & Kaati.

Pohela-Boishakh-–-Bengali-New-YearPohela Boishakh is the new year of Bengali. The Bengal Nabo Barsho is observed with high deal of enthusiasm in the month of April. During this festival people conduct cultural programs, do shopping, offer prayers and make wedding knots and marriages. The tribal people celebrate this festival auspiciously in the hilly regions of tripura and in the neighbouring cities.

Bestu-Varas-–-Gujarati-New-YearGujaratis has a new year in the name of Bestu Varas that denotes the start of the harvest season in the state of Gujrat which is why It is celebrated as Gujarati New Year falls on the day after Diwali with religious rituals & traditions. Rajasthan Marwaris observe this as a new year so as to start the new things.

Vishu-–-Malayalam-New-YearVishu is the festival of new year event known in the state of kerala for keralite malayalam speaking malayalis. It is one of the festivals like other new year festival known everywhere in India generally falls on april 14 of the gregorian calendar. On this day of vishu the special thing that is significant is the “Vishukkani” means the very 1st object seen in the morning. And the kerala people follow this famous traditional customs on this vishuu day.

Losoong-–-Sikkimese-New-YearLosoong is Sikkimese New Year is famous and popular and a very ancient age celebration in the state of sikkim that comes on every december month. On this day the harvest seasons ends and a new year is born to the people of sikkim. The other name of Losoong is ‘Sonam Losar’ means the farmer’s new year, THe major event of this festival is the Chham dance

Navreh-–-Kashmiri-New-YearNavreh for Kashmiri people is the New Year in the state of kashmir. THis is also the lunar new year observed as new year that comes with high enthusiasm & sanctity. It falls on the very 1 st day of Chaitra Navratri. This is also a sacred festival alike shivratri. in other state it is celebrated as Gaudi Parva, Ugadi & cheti Chand.

Hijri-–-Islamic-New-YearHijri for muslims is the beginning of Islamic New Year that commences on the 1st day of Muharram as per the Islamic calendar and moreover it does not align with the Gregorian calendar thus varies with the lunar calendar. Generally it is a long stand of people with customs and traditions welcoming spring season.

Cheti-Chand-–-Sindhi-New-YearCheti Chand is a celebration for Sindhis in India. It is a sindhi New Year that falls on the 2nd day of Chaitra month. Also the very auspicious day in the community of sindhi thus regarding as the honor of the birth of Jhulelal.

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