Gazetted & Non-Gazetted Holidays for Central Government Employees India

cg holidaysFor the year 2015 the Central Government has prescribed holidays 2015. These cg holidays are Gazetted Holidays or Restricted  Holidays which is applicable for the workers and employees in the offices of Central Government across the union territory Delhi and further States of India. Whichever banks that falls in the list also declare it as Bank Holidays in India for 2015.

In this list of mentioned gaz. holidays the festival of islam or simply the birthday of messenger pbuh Milad-Un-Nabi or Id-E-Milad or Birthday of Prophet Mohammad this time in this year comes 2 times. Similarly the hindu festival of lights falling on wednesday on 11.11.2015 is having chance of coming early on 10.11.2015 which is also called as Narakachaturdasi Day or Narka Chaturdasi Day may turn as a declared holiday for the Central Government Offices in a State. Morever these are Gazetted Holidays and are also sometimes known as Public Holidays.

S No Holiday Date Day
1 Milad un Nabi 4-Jan Sunday
2 Republic Day 26-Jan Monday
3 Holi 6-Mar Friday
5 Ram Navami 28-Mar Saturday
6 Mahavir Jayanti 2-Apr Thursday
4 Good Friday 3-Apr Friday
7 Buddha Purnima 4-May Monday
8 Idu’l Fitr 18-Jul Saturday
9 Independence Day 15-Aug Saturday
10 Janmashtami 5-Sep Saturday
11 Idul Zuha (Bakrid) 25-Sep Friday
12 Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday 2-Oct Friday
13 Dussehra 22-Oct Thursday
14 Muharram 24-Oct Saturday
15 Diwali (Deepavali) ** 11-Nov Wednesday
16 Guru Nanak’s Birthday 25-Nov Wednesday
17 ID-E-Milad 24-Dec Thursday
18 Christmas Day 25-Dec Friday