Facebook Data Security Breach Latest Updates – Several Accounts Affected

Facebook Data Security Breach Latest Updates – Several Accounts Affected:

The Facebook online social media and social networking service company on 29th September 2018, Friday reported that about 50 million of Facebook users were left exposed by a security flaw.

Facebook announced on Friday that five crore accounts were affected due to hackers creating a security threat. This big social network of the world said that this week we came to know that hackers stole ‘Access tokens’ which caused the accounts to be affected. ‘Access tokens’ are one type of digital keys, so hackers are able to access those accounts.

Facebook’s Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said that engineers detected this weakness on Tuesday, Facebook’s Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a blog post: “It is clear that the attackers were able to break Facebook code.” It was fixed by Thursday night. They said, “We have removed these drawbacks and have informed law enforcement.”

Mark Zuckerberg had stated that We do not know if an account has actually been misused. This is a serious issue. Facebook has temporarily removed the “View Age” feature. This feature is a privacy tool that allows the user to see how his own profile will look like any other person.

In fact, ‘View Age’ is a feature in Facebook through which we can see what will be seen if someone else will see our profile. The password leak has reached the hands of hackers only when the feature is turned on. Due to this bug of Facebook’s View Edge feature, a 50 million people account has been hit. After this, the company has removed its big feature from the Facebook platform in terms of security.

According to reports, users who used the ‘View Age’ tool in their profile last year would have to log in to Facebook, as well as those apps through whom Facebook was logged in. After this he will see a statement made available through Facebook that what happened. According to the company’s estimates, nearly 90 million people will have to log in again.


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