Change In Quantity For Quality Of Food By IRCTC In Trains

Change In Quantity For Quality Of Food By IRCTC In Trains:

On the increasingly complicated complaints about the quality of food in the trains, preparations for major changes are being made on behalf of the Railways. In order to improve the quality of food, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has proposed to reduce the quantity of food given to the passengers. According to railway officials, IRCTC will pay more attention to the quality rather than the quantity of food received in the train. Now there is a plan to provide the combo miles to the passengers in the train.

Can eat up to 200 grams

According to the news published in the Financial Express, for example, it is proposed to reduce the amount of lentil with the food to 100-120 grams. Now, 150 grams of pulses are given to passengers. Apart from this, non-wage eaters can be given boneless chicken gravy instead of chicken grind. On behalf of IRCTC, 900 gm of commodity is given to travelers, which is to be reduced to 700 grams.

Proposal sent to railway board

This decision is taken keeping in mind that the Indian usually has a dose of up to 750 grams at a time. The proposal for change in food quality was prepared on behalf of IRCTC and it has been sent to the Railway Board. Following this change, IRCTC argues that due to rising raw material prices, it is a big challenge to provide better quality food to the passengers at a lower cost.

Apart from this, soup and breadstick on the train from IRCTC can also be banned. In the coming years, IRCTC plans to provide combo miles for travelers like short-range trains such as airplanes in the century. Apart from this, on the occasion of World Environment Day, IRCTC has started giving food to bio-degradedable containers in trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi.

Earlier, the Railways have also taken steps to take care of the catering facilities of passengers. The option of providing regional or local food to travelers traveling through it will be provided. It was informed by the railway that IRCTC has partnered with delivery service providers ‘Trapigo’ and ‘Shri Mahalaxmi Self Help Savings Ghat (Ratnagiri)’.


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