BJP MLA’s Provocative Statement – Shoot The Hindu Community Who Talks About Abolishing It

BJP MLA’s provocative statement – shoot the Hindu community who talks about abolishing it

The MLA said – The person who talked about the elimination of Hindu society should be blown away with bullets.

BJP on a National TV news channel kept giving a provocative speech and the program continued. In this program BJP’s MLA T. Raja Singh from Goshmahal of Hyderabad said, “The Mughals ruled India only because of secularism. For this reason, the British rule over our country for two hundred years. ‘ In the program T. Raja said his dream. They said – ‘My pundits should be settled in my Kashmir at the tip of the gun, this is my dream. Anyone who talks about the elimination of Hindu society, talk of attacking India, will not work with such people.

Make them stand at the crossroads and blow them with guns, blow them with cannon. Cut the neck from the sword. I want to see this kind of India. ‘ Cow slaughter in the whole world

– T. Raja said – ‘Today I see a dream. Dream of the establishment of an unbroken Hindu nation. Ram temple built in Ayodhya, this is my dream. Not only in the country, cow mother has been given the status of Rajmata in the whole world. There is a ban on cow slaughter, this is my dream. ‘

– BJP MLA also talked about the situation of Hindus in West Bengal and said that in view of the way the Hindus are being wiped out here, only Protest will not work. People who understand the language will have to explain in the same language.

– They termed the Bangladeshis living in West Bengal a terrorist and said they are killing Hindus. If there is no action, then the Bengal Hindus will have to take the sword and arms.

– In a video posted by the news channel, he was also heard saying that there is nothing wrong in me. This is my personal work and if the party gets hurt from any of my issues then the party can also take me out. In this program, T. Raja also has some such things that we can not write here.

Previously given such a statement is not the first time that the king has made such a controversial statement. Recently they posted a video on Facebook. In it, he took the name of PM Modi and UP CM Yogi Adityanath , and said that if the Ram Temple is not built till 2019, then he will leave the party.

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