Altered AC-Ducts, Bee Bites, Cleanless Carpets are Complaints of Chennai Airport New Terminal

chennai airportThe Airports Authority of India reports that in chennai airport, the air travelers at the indian airlines counter of new domestic terminal were getting sting by bees that came from the hanging hive along the parking bay at airside.

Immediately the Central Warehousing Corporation employees murdered the bees with chemical smokes. Due to this honeybees traffic even few international flights like Indian Airbus, Jet Airways, Kingfisher were delayed by minutes.

The removal of beehive will be a temporary solution as bees will return to the spot sooner which is a natural habitat of bees.

The chennai airport stalls a food or hotel that stores sugary substance and any plants / flowers inside the airport will lead to presence of bee said by professional beekeeper.

The new domestic terminal has cleanless carpets, faulty ramps, leaking air-conditioning ducts, bad restrooms, broken glass panels, ceiling panels all because of substandard products or service or installation rendered by the suppliers.

For many flight passengers and airport workers heading to the outside bus stop at outside airport is very long dusty walk.

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