93 Years Old Vajpayee Recruited In AIIMS; Modi Went For 50 Minutes

93 years old Vajpayee recruited in AIIMS; Modi went for 50 minutes; Advani, a six-decade old companion, has also met

Atalji is ill for the last nine years. Like the light of the soul of politics, the house is imprisoned. Are alive, but not as such. Do not talk to anyone. The son of the Sarasvati who silently used to listen to the speech, went to the meeting secretly. He was ill for so many years but after a long time the news of recruitment in AIIMS came. The country trembled. Believe it, God would give them a long life.

– 93 years old Vajpayee is under the supervision of Dr. Randeep Gularia, Director of AIIMS. Dr. Guleria said that the condition of Vajpayeeji is stable. Late in the evening Minister Vajpayee’s recent finding came Ames. They stayed here for about 50 minutes.

Apart from him, L.K. Advani also came to meet. For nearly six decades, Vajpayee has been with him. Home Minister Rajnath Singh, BJP President Amit Shah, Health Minister JP Nadda and Congress President Rahul Gandhi also reached AIIMS.

The BJP issued a statement on Monday afternoon and told that Vajpayee has come here for regular checkup. They are unhealthy for quite a while. At the house was under the supervision of doctors. A team of doctors is under the supervision of Dr. Guleria.

– Union minister Harsh Vardhan arrives at AIIMS. When he came out, he said – there is nothing to worry about, Atalji is fine.
The last time he had appeared in 2015, his picture

– Atal Bihari Vajpayee ‘s picture was last seen in 2015. Then the then President Pranab Mukherjee had given Vajpayee home and honored Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian honor.
Become Prime Minister three times

– Vajpayee becomes Prime Minister three times . First of all, he became prime minister for 13 days in 1996. But due to lack of proven majority, he had to resign. Second time he became prime minister in 1998.

– 13 months later in 1999, after the withdrawal of supporting parties, there were general elections. On 13 October 1999, he became the Prime Minister for the third time. He completed his term till 2004.
In 2005 active politics retired from

– Atal Bihari Vajpayee had announced at a rally in Mumbai in 2005 that they are retired from active politics and handed over the reins to K. Aadwani and Pramod Mahajan.
At that time, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had said that Vajpayee was the father-in-law of the current political leader.

In 2009 poor health was worn on the ventilator

– Vajpayee’s health worsened in 2009. They were kept on ventilators for several days after difficulty breathing. However, later they got cured and they were discharged from the hospital.
Later, it was said that Vajpayee was a victim of paralysis. Because of this, they do not speak to anyone. Later he also lost his memory. He also stopped recognizing people.

Born in Gwalior in 1924, originally a poet and teacher

– Vajpayee was born on December 25, 1924 in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. He is basically a poet and a teacher has also lived.

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