2014 2015 2016 Hindu Marriage Dates for Wedding in Tamil Muhurtha Calendar

muhurthaA good time means the day, date, month, year according to the hindu tamil panchangam predictions of horoscopes makes the couple gets wedded in a marriage ceremony. And for this the Tamil Muhurtham 2014 has many dates across the week and months from january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, october, november and december.

As we all know no Tamil people will deny the panchanga Tamil calendar when choosing the right pefrect auspicious day for marriage and for sake any good festivals. So the muhurtha date is important in these occassions as its is adapted by the hindus

Generally the marriage dates listed here are relied on the tamil calendar 2014. It is advised to consult the best astrologer before fixing the wedding date as it depends on individual's birth particulars

 23-01-2014 Thursday Thai 10 Theipirai
Feb-14 Sunday Thai 20 Valarpirai
Feb-14 Thursday Thai 24 Valarpirai
Feb-14 Sunday Thai 27 Valarpirai
Feb-14 Monday Thai 28 Valarpirai
Feb-14 Wednesday Thai 30 Valarpirai
Feb-14 Monday Masi 5 Theipirai
Feb-14 Thursday Masi 8 Theipirai
Feb-14 Monday Masi 12 Theipirai
Feb-14 Wednesday Masi 14 Theipirai
Mar-14 Monday Masi 19 Valarpirai
Mar-14 Wednesday Masi 28 Valarpirai
Mar-14 Friday Pankuni 14 Theipirai
Apr-14 Wednesday Pankuni 26 Valarpirai
Apr-14 Sunday Pankuni 30 Valarpirai

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